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The End Of Days
lyrics by "Captain" Robert Brown

After our days, and the fall of man
One day this will heal again.
Beasts crawl forth over desert clay, 
And mankind will be nature's prey. 
Ruined towns spring forth in vines;
Trees, leaves, fleet combine.
Humankind will have lost its sway, 
The world again will be theirs one day!

Skeletons of rust reach for the sky,
Ruined empires of days gone by.
Dreams and lives buried in the sand.
The end of days will have been long planned.
Our children's children have passed away,
Their auspicious lives lost in the fray.
Carrion birds are all at play--
The world again will be theirs one day!

Nomadic tribes of the last of man
Pull their caravans across the sand.
Gypsy wives hold their children tight
As the new superpower howls through the night.
Gods watch from above and wonder what went wrong;
The entropy of what once was strong.
The survivors of man stay up late to pray,
That the world will again be theirs one day!
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