read me for install 2017.3.txt

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-  TURN OFF your internet connection!  
   shut down antivirus software!

1. copy "2017.R3 Cars " or "2017.R3 Trucks" to your computer.
2. - run main.exe in "2017.R3 Cars"
   - run main.exe in "2017.R3 Trucks"

- click start
- click yes to save FileActivation on desk (ex. FileActivation_cars)
- send the FileActivation to ( , then ask your seller 
  send back the FileActivation actived
- click start again
- click no to open the FileActivation actived
- wait for install complete, enjoy!


1. if your computer first install ds150e software,you must install usb driver(main unit link to computer to install).usb driver is in "\Driver"
2. if you can't run main.exe.please install Netframe3.5
3. if your main unit firmware is old, you must link main unit to car then updata firmware!
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