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Many years ago I had an idea for a story. Now, ideas aren’t precious
things as a writer-you tend to have far more ideas than you can
actually write. Some ideas, however, are special. These are the
ideas that stay with you, haunt you, refuse to let you leave them
This was one such idea. What if you discovered that you were a
figure from the prophesy of a fantasy world? Only, unlike Harry
Potter or any number of mythical heroes from books in the past,
what if you found out the prophesy had identified you as the
destroyer. Evil in embryo. The Dark One.
I tried on multiple different occasions to write this story-and it
never worked. Until now. The key was moving it out of a fantasy
world, and making it a hybrid between our world and a fantastical
realm. This change, along with making the tone darker, made for
the secret blend I’d been hunting. In a furious bout of intense
writing (when I should have been working on something else) I
developed an outline that I loved. Something that finally worked.
The only problem was, as I’d paced it, the story didn’t feel like a
novel. Not a traditional one, at least. So I began looking for a
partnership that would tell the story the way I envisioned. This
book is the final culmination of that process: the first story I’ve
written intending it to be a graphic novel.
One of the most frustrating experiences of a writer’s life is having
a story that doesn’t work. But there is a delightful experience that
goes with that one, hand-in-hand. That’s the day where you finally
get it right-when you finally get to see completed something that
has required years of labor and worry.
It is with this sense of delight and long-awaited satisfaction that I
finally get to present to you
Dark One.
-Brandon Sanderson
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