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Claudia Gray
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Chapter 1
APRIL 9, 1912
It’s not too late to turn back,
I tell myself.
As a group of sailors leer at me, I cross my arms
in front and wish my coat weren’t so shabby.
Though the spring days are warm now, the nights
are cool, and the sea-sharpened wind cuts through
thin cloth.
The streets of Southampton darken as the hour
grows late, not that I can see the sun or anything so
cheery with all these tall buildings surrounding me.
My feet, accustomed to either the dirt roads of my
home village or the polished floors of Moorcliffe,
stumble on the cobblestones. I like to think of
myself as a steady sort of girl, but the unfamiliarity
of everyone and everything around me has put me
off balance. The city seems dangerous, and dusk
here seems more forbidding than midnight at home.
I could go back to the hotel suite, where my
employers await. I could just say that the shop was
closed, that I wasn’t able to purchase the bootlaces.
Miss Irene wouldn’t mind a bit; she didn’t want to
send me out on my own in the first place.
But Lady Regina would be furious—even over
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