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Just a Bit Confusing
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About the Series
Just a Bit Confusing
(Book #5 in the Straight Guys series )
Alessandra Hazard
The Straig ht Guys series:
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Derek and Shawn: Just a Bit Twisted (Book #1)
Alexander and Christian: Just a Bit Obsessed (Book #2)
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Ryan and James: Just a Bit Confusing (Book #5)
Copyright © 2015 Alessandra Hazard
Editor: Elizabeth Balmanno
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the
express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.
This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and events are the product of the author’s imagination.
This book contains explicit sex and graphic language.
Publisher’s Note:
Since this book is set in England, some British English words are retained, but spelling conforms to American English conventions.
All characters in this book are completely fictional and bear no resemblance to any living person. Any resemblance to actual events is
purely coincidental.
—Just a Bit Confusing —
Best friends, inseparable since childhood, one in love with the other, the other straight and in love with a woman.
Stories like this don’t have a happy ending; James Grayson knows it. He puts on a smile, he laughs, he jokes, and he pretends he’s
fine when Ryan kisses his girlfriend in front of him—until he can’t.
Except nothing is easy and letting go turns out to be much harder than one might think. Some bonds are too strong to be broken,
even for a straight man. And sometimes love and desire can have different faces and layers.
A story of two men trying to function without each other and failing.
—Just a Bit Confusing —
Ryan Hardaway met James William Arthur Grayson when they were both eight years old.
Their first meeting didn’t go well.
“You look like a ponce,” Ryan told the blond boy in weird clothes. What kind of idiot wore such
fancy clothes to the park?
The weird boy’s weird blue-green eyes stared at him weirdly, as if Ryan was the weird one.
“You look poor,” the boy said in a posh voice, as if being poor was the worst kind of insult.
Ryan flushed. His family was poor, and Ryan was old enough to know that being poor sucked,
but he wasn’t old enough not to be embarrassed by it. That was how Ryan found himself turning
bright red and tackling the other boy to the ground. In his defense, he was eight.
It was safe to say the boy’s fancy clothes no longer looked very fancy after the fifteen minutes
they spent rolling in the mud, kicking and yelling.
At last, they tired themselves out and just lay in the mud, gasping for air and glaring at each
The blond ponce had mud on his nose and Ryan laughed.
The boy glared at him. “What?”
“Now you actually look like a normal boy,” Ryan said, grinning. “Though you fight like a girl.”
The boy kicked him and sat up. He looked down his muddy nose at Ryan and said, “The
Graysons have served and fought for the English kings since the sixteenth century. I’ll have you know
I learned fencing at the age of five.”
Ryan blinked and sat up. “Fencing? Newsflash: it’s not the sixteenth century.”
The kid opened and closed his mouth. And pouted.
Ryan laughed again.
The blond ponce glared harder, his lower lip wobbling suspiciously. Ryan started to feel kind of
bad. His eldest brother would give him a scolding if he found out that Ryan had reduced some kid to
Sighing, Ryan stretched his hand out and said, “I’m Ryan.”
The boy hesitated before clasping Ryan’s hand. “James William Arthur Grayson, the Viscount
Ryan scrunched up his nose. “So Jimmy, then. Or do you prefer Jamie?”
The boy gave him a scandalized look. “It’s James. My dad says only commoners have
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