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Electronic Version Prologue
This grimoire was first translated by Mr. MacGregor Mathers into English.
Now for the first time in English I Frater Alastor , rendering into the html format.
When Mathers made his translation he notice that the title page was the last page
of the grimoire, so he moved to the front but keep the rest of the chapters in the
same order. He also notice that this grimoire began speaking about the magick
circle like if it where something that the reader should already know.
Now it is my believe that the whole grimoire was written backward, this is to say
that you should read the last page first (the title page) then the last chapter and so
on. If you read it this way you will see that make a lot of sense. In Mathers
version the first chapter is a reference to the magick circle and the License to
depart, it make no sense to begin a grimoire that way since the license to depart is
the last think that a magician read. Also if you fallow the Latin titles in Mathers
version the text begin with the Sanhedrin, Jesus and go on to the creation of
Adam and the demons and the angels etc. This order is completely the opposite
of that one on the bible this is god first, then the angels, the demons, Adam, Jesus,
the Crucifixion and the Sanhedrin. So neither to say I had inverted the orders of
the chapters in Mathers version under the believing that this is the way that was
intended to be read.
Frater Alastor.
Seu totius Cabalae perfectissima brevissima et infallibilis Scientia tam
speculativa quam practiqua
Dominum Deum timebus et illi seli serbies per nomen
illius tremendae at adorabilis Majestatis omnibus
diebus vitae tuae.
The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom. In the Name of the God of
Israel, One and Triune, Abraham believed, and it was counted unto him for
righteousness. Amen.
Nisi Dominus Operitus nobiscum in vanum laborant qui operantur.
Unless the Lord work with us, in vain do they strive who labour.
De Prof undis Clamavi ad Te Domine, Domine Exaudi Orationem meam.
Out of the Depths Have I cried unto Thee O Lord, O Lord hear my prayer.
Fiant aunes tuae intendentes un vocem Deprecationis mea.
Let Thine ears be inchined unto the voice of my supplication.
The Characters of Michael
(Taken from the German Original)
Therefore Hear O Man The Lord, the Lord Our God, is one Lord. Thou shalt love
the Lord thy God with thine whole heart, with thy whole Soul, and with thy
whole strength, and thy neighbour as thyself. And these words which I teach unto
thee shall be in thine heart, thou shalt relate them unto thy children and thou shalt
meditate upon them, when thou sittest in thine house, when thou walkest by the
wayside, when thou sleepest, and when thou arisest; and thou shalt bind them like
unto a staff for thine hand, and thou shalt place them between thine eyes and thou
shalt write them upon the threshold and portals of thy dwelling place. AMEN.
Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God, in any soever of thy works; but keeping
His precepts and testimony, and ceremonies, most pure, thou shalt do that which
is pleasing and good in the sight of the Lord with zeal and charity, not out of
curiosity or ostentation.
If thus thou shalt have heard the voice of the Lord thy God and shalt have walked
in his ways, that thou mayest do and keep His commandments, the Lord thy God
shall make these more excellent than all the Nations which be spread abroad upon
the Earth; and by reason of that blessing shall they come unto thee and learn of
thee, Blessed shalt thou be in the City, and blessed shalt thou be in the field, and
blessed shall be the fruit of thy body. AMEN.
But the God of these, Who is also our God, is in Heaven, and in Earth, and in the
Abysses, and He doeth whatsoever He will. They who fear the Lord have put
their trust in the Lord, He is their helper and defender. Would that my life were
directed to the safeguard of thy justification. Also I have sought thee out, because
thou hast caused me to have life hereby. Let it go forth unto my works. Direct
thou them according to Thy saying, and let not injustice have dominion over me
When, therefore, thou shalt be worthy to understand in what manner thy vow and
thy natal day are to be observed with circumspection and purity:
Take note of this:
Are there not twelve Months in the Year?
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