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Embedded Linux Development
Using Yocto Project Cookbook
Second Edition
Practical recipes to help you leverage the power of Yocto to
build exciting Linux-based systems
Alex González
Embedded Linux Development Using Yocto
Project Cookbook
Second Edition
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Commissioning Editor:
Gebin George
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Prachi Bisht
Content Development Editor:
Dattatraya More
Technical Editor:
Jovita Alva
Copy Editor:
Safis Editing
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Safis Editing
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Tania Dutta
Production Coordinator:
Arvindkumar Gupta
First published: March 2015
Second edition: January 2018
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Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.
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B3 2PB, UK.
ISBN 978-1-78839-921-0
I dedicate this second edition to the loving memory of my mum whose example makes me
constantly challenge myself.
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