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Bodybuilding is
most productive form of exercise,
for men and women. Here’s why: It builds strength,
develops muscle, strengthens bones, improves overall
fitness, increases the body’s caloric consumption,
helps control bodyfat, improves posture, slows the
effects of aging, increases resistance to injury, and
transforms physical appearance.
No other single form of exercise can produce all of
these benefits. That’s why bodybuilding is the most
important element of the programs in this book. And
it’s supplemented by other forms of exercise, to
produce a
Build Muscle, lose FaT, look GreaT
Beware of fads and gimmicks
Some methods claim to produce maximum benefits from just 30 to 60
minutes of exercise per week. This is not supported by science, and
usually ignores cardio training, and stretching. A greater investment is
required to obtain the full benefits from training—but not the excessive
time commitment that’s common among trainees in almost all gyms.
The 2nd edition
The most important change for the second edition is
the new Chapter 17—an especially important part of
the book. In addition, Chapter 19 has been revised,
as have some of the most important sections of
exercise technique in Chapter 12. And many smaller
changes have been made throughout the book.
Two reviews of this book
For over 20 years Stuart McRobert has been a voice of reason and
honesty in a field usually devoid of both. Through hundreds of articles,
magazine, and his earlier books, Stuart has advocated
sensible, safe training that produces good results for typical people.
And Stuart has kept learning, and evolving his approach.
is likely the most complete,
comprehensive guide to safe, effective, and healthy training. it
surpasses McRobert’s other books by representing his evolving and
more scientifically based ideas about effective training, put together in
a very readable and enjoyable package. in many respects, the book
puts science into practice so that all readers can move toward
optimizing their training and abilities.
The book is well-written, and easy to read. And it was written by
someone who has paid his training dues. Stuart guides us through his
own transformation from a person who was obsessed with the minute,
inconsequential details of training, and whose life was utterly dominated
by bodybuilding, to a person who seriously trains yet has a complete,
balanced, and full life.
This wonderful book features lessons for effective training
for life.
Richard A. Winett, Ph.D. is the Heilig-Meyers Professor of Psychology at
Virginia Tech in the USA, where he directs the Center for Research in
Health Behavior and the Clinical Psychology program. Dr. Winett’s
primary interests are in disease prevention and health promotion. He has
published almost 200 peer-reviewed articles and studies, and has received
about 13 million dollars in funding for his research, primarily from the
National Institutes of Health. An avid bodybuilder and lifter, Dr. Winett
has been training for over 45 years. He publishes the
available from, which emphasizes health,
fitness, and bodybuilding, combining science with practical applications.
build MuScle
loSe FAT
look gReAT
is for all trainees, both men and
women. Stuart shares his extensive experience in an easy-to-
understand way. his recommendations are thorough, practical, and
easy to apply. And his emphasis on safe, effective yet time-efficient
training allows you to maximize your progress while avoiding injuries.
This strength, muscle, and fitness book provides all the instructional
tools you need in order to transform your body. it will take you
through all aspects of exercise, including strength training,
cardiovascular work, and stretching.
Very importantly, Stuart explains how to modify training according to
your training experience and any physical limitations or other special
considerations you may have. And this is a drug-free, total fitness
approach. by following his step-by-step guidelines you’ll avoid common
training mistakes, and see consistent, safe progress.
conventional methods of training usually promote high-volume routines
that commonly lead to overtraining and excessive time in the gym. And
programs touted by elite bodybuilders and athletes don’t take into
consideration the concerns and limitations of most trainees. but Stuart’s
program is totally different.
Following McRobert’s expert advice is like having your own personal
trainer. For example, using detailed descriptions and hundreds of
photographs he shows you correct lifting mechanics and superior
technique—the cornerstones of any high-quality training program.
be inspired to train correctly, make real progress, and see results fast!
And Stuart’s highly effective, low-volume, low-risk program shows you
that it’s possible to achieve your fitness goals in a practical way
your training dominating your life.
Rachael e. Picone,
, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in exercise
science from Rutgers University, and her Master of Science degree in
exercise physiology from The University of Massachusetts. She has two
decades of diverse experience including cardiac rehabilitation, health
education and promotion, sports and leisure management, and personal
training. She has also worked as a strength coach, and has participated in
competitive bodybuilding and mountain biking. Ms. Picone is a recognized
speaker and author, and has contributed to
(Masters Press,
1999) and
THe feMAle ATHleTe
(Wish Publishing, 2004).
She resides in New Jersey, USA.
build MuScle
loSe FAT
look gReAT
abbreviated training works!
When done correctly, abbreviated training produces great results
from much less gym time than most people believe is required.
Abbreviated training is highly effective for strength training, muscle-
building, body transformation, and fitness training in general.
The results you’ll obtain from abbreviated training depend on your
goals, your heredity, your age and gender, the form of abbreviated
training you employ, and how well you apply yourself to your
training and recuperation. Here are examples of the results:
“I’ve trained for about 25 years. for most of that time I’ve been a
personal trainer, and I’ve worked with thousands of clients. I can
summarize the formula for successful body transformation in four
words: ‘abbreviated training done correctly.’
“No one has written about ‘abbreviated training done correctly’ more
thoroughly, carefully, and responsibly than Stuart. follow the guidance
given in this book, and forsake all the hype and bull that’s rampant in
the exercise world. Then you’ll give yourself the best chance possible
to achieve your goals for body transformation.”
ian duckett,
Body in Design gym,
leeds, england
“Since devouring the revelation of
, Stuart’s first book, I’ve trained
in an abbreviated manner—for about 15 years. As a result I’ve made
consistent progress but while still having the time to emphasize career
and family pursuits. At 220 pounds bodyweight I’ve squatted well over
500 pounds, bench pressed nearly 400, and deadlifted 600, while
competing drug-free and without support gear. These lifts are the result
of my decision to paddle against the mainstream, while embracing the
abbreviated training that Stuart promotes.”
chuck Miller, nutter Fort, WV, uSA
“I’ve been training for 26 years and I continue to be amazed at how
effective abbreviated training can be when it’s done correctly. I’ve long
since reached my potential for building muscle mass. even though I’m
now busier than ever with my family and work, I was still able to lose
a lot of bodyfat. I’m now strong, muscular, and lean, with sharp abs—
a condition I couldn’t achieve even when I was in my twenties. And I
did this with very little time spent in the gym.”
bill Piche, Marion, iA, uSA
“I practice and prescribe abbreviated training for female and male clients
of all ages. High sets, high reps, and extra training sessions commonly
lead to inadequate recovery, and poor results. Just two intensive sessions
of abbreviated training per week, done with correct technique and
supported by excellent nutrition, promote superior strength and an
attractive, lean, muscular body.
“ Abbreviated training also produces outstanding health benefits. It
reduces the risk of heart disease and adult-onset diabetes, stops bone
loss and helps prevent fractures, helps control bodyweight, improves
endurance, lifts depression, and builds self-confidence. I highly
recommend this time-efficient method of training.”
elaine Mansfield, nScA certified personal trainer, and
nutrition counselor, ithaca, nY, uSA
“When I discovered Stuart McRobert’s methods of abbreviated training,
my own training had been stagnant for two years. Since that time I’ve
gained nearly 40 pounds of muscular bodyweight while spending as
little as one hour of weight training per week.
“let Stuart help you to make the best gains of your life, with training
programs that fit into even the busiest of lifestyles.”
nathan harvey, Roslyn, PA, uSA
“Many people seem to look at abbreviated training as a compromise,
thinking that results are traded for savings in time. But such training
can actually be the fast track to the results they’ve always wanted:
bigger muscles that are as strong as they look! for many bodybuilders,
for example, that’s by far the most important point.
“Stuart’s articles and books have always been the finest, most
comprehensive source of information about abbreviated training and
everything else it takes to maximize each individual trainee.”
Steve Wedan, Franklin, Tn, uSA
“I’d heard great things about abbreviated training, but I wasn’t convinced.
There’s so much hype in the exercise world. But then I tried abbreviated
training myself. Now I’m a believer! Not only did reducing my training
time and volume greatly improve my results, it released more time for
enjoying my life outside of the gym.”
John leschinski, connell, WA, uSA
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