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Primary Colors
Level 4
Retold by Brent Furnas
Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter
Pearson Education Limited
Edinburgh Gate, Harlow,
Essex CM20 2JE, England
and Associated Companies throughout the world.
ISBN 0 582 468256
First published in Great Britain by Chatto and Windus, one of the
publishers in Random House UK Ltd 1996
Published by Addison Wesley Longman Limited and Penguin Books Ltd. 1998
This edition first published 2000
The moral right of the adapter and of the illustrator has been asserted
Original copyright © Machiavelliana Inc. 1996
Text copyright © Brent Furnas 1999
Illustrations copyright © Chris Chaisty 1999
Typeset by Digital Type, London
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Printed in Spain by Mateu Cromo, S. A. Pinto (Madrid)
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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Governor Jack Stanton: The Best
Trouble with the Press
Cashmere McLeod
Fat Willie
Lies on the Radio
Honest Freddy Picker
Bribes and Drugs
Libby’s Test
A Bullet in the Heart
Chapter 10 A Strange Sort of Luck
I wasn’t sure that I wanted to work for Jack. Still, there was something
different about him
. . .
Jack Stanton is the governor of a state in the southern USA. He
wants to be President, and he wants Henry Burton to help him.
At first, Henry is happy to work with Jack, but he begins to
worry when he sees that Stanton will do
to win . . .
The author of
Primary Colors
is an American journalist. Although
it is a fictional story, the author used his personal knowledge of a
real American President to write it. That is why he decided to
keep his name a secret.
Primary Colors
was made into a successful
movie, with John Travolta as Governor Stanton.
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